Day: October 8, 2017


It’s One Word Sunday once again, and this week, Debbie’s theme is ‘Pink’. The Seedlings are on their way out now, but every time I look at them there is always a new flower that has opened. They have been a remarkable surprise this year, those little Seedlings have!

A few days ago, I spotted this blood red flower, all by itself apart from one of the pink flowers a little way behind it. I knew that this week’s theme was going to be ‘Pink’, but I used one of the pink Seedlings for my interpretation of ‘Wet’ last week, so didn’t want to use another one of those… I saw this and thought it would be a good compromise. The pink element has been fulfilled, if only as a splash of background colour, and this little flower now gets to live on forever more! And it has a subtle link to my Hallowe’en theme for this month as well!

Wordle: Shadow Monster

It can. It does.
It knows. It must.
The creature on the fringe of shadow,
A swirl of darkness in a shaded place;
Sometimes in a room
Maybe at the side of the road
Perhaps in a lightning-charged storm
The list goes on, anywhere
The mystery creature that appears at will
And leaves to a sigh of relief
With spirits lifted once again;
The star of an internal power struggle
Between darkness and light.
It can know. It does.
It knows. It must.
Light always wins in the end.


Inktober: Crooked

October 8th. Day 8. #Inktober.

I have no idea where the noises keep coming from in this room. We are the only ones in here. The curtains over the window jeep bellowing out on their own accord, and there is definitely a sound of breathing coming from in the room. And there’s a painting on the wall where the subjects eyes seem to follow us around the room. There’s an odd chill coming into the room, and all I can concentrate on is how crooked the painting is. Crooked frame on a crooked wall, and the crooked smile on the face makes it seem even more so. Most odd.

And there was a loud clatter from the next room along. We shall be there to investigate very soon…