Day: October 3, 2017

Inktober: Poison

Day three, or October 3rd, in the #Inktober Initiative. Today’s theme is ‘Poison’… and would you believe it? We have come across some… two clearly labelled bottles of it in fact, on an old, cobweb-covered shelf. What are the chances of that?, I hear you ask. And I myself wonder the same…

Yesterday we were rapping on the door of Swift Manor, but couldn’t get in. We’ve returned there today, and as if by magic, the doors – both of them – opened by themselves. Inside the long dark hallway there are a number of doors – the middle one on the left open just a little, and I’m sure a voice called from within the room ‘In here!’. Obviously the room was empty, apart from the spiders and the cobwebs and dusty old furniture – and these two wonky bottles of poison on the shelf.