Day: October 1, 2017

Wordle: Ring Bell, Ring


See, there’s no crime
When the bell chimes
Though one can argue
It chooses its time
In the dead of night
When the sun doesn’t shine
And adding insult to injury
It never treads the line
By keeping time
Which is fine
It delivers its message
In a gasping rasp
A tone tilted by echo
As if singing its last
Feeding us sounds from the past
Making sure that memories last
But where to begin?
These sounds from within
Haunting and pure
With an effortless roar
From a bell that’s no more
Yes, I’m sure, I’m sure
That there’s no crime
When the bell chimes
But before
Before’s also no more…


One Word Sunday is back this week, and Debbie has set the theme of ‘Wet’. There has been an abundance of wet things of late, but I have opted to use one of my photos from those little Seedlings that provided lots of colour (and photographs!) over the Summer. Wet petals and a purple and green photograph welcome in October. Purple and green – perfect colours for the Hallowe’en period! (For more interpretations of the theme, please visit Debbie’s site via the link at the beginning!)