Day: September 6, 2017

Where Imagination Starts

I have recently been introduced to the game Boomshine by the fabulous Cobs from The Cobweborium Emporium. Go and have a look at it, if you dare. I don’t have a lot of time as it is, and now I have considerably less to spare. I’ve spent the last hour trying to get through round twelve. One more go led to one more go, and so on, but I just had to continue to delve. And now, this is all I can see:

But then I started thinking. This is where imagination begins. Shapes from the colours. Cats eyes peering from out of the confusing kaleidoscope of creation. Half Moons, Full Moons, even New Moons appear within the mix. Do you see anything between and betwixt?

The fewer the colours, the harder the shapes are to see. But are they? I mean, I see a tree. Christmas lights through frosted glass… a surprise celebration through teary eyes. Colours are more than just colours to me.

Each colour a memory. A nice lasting thought. A cherished possession. A gift that I bought. A twinkle. A dream. Perhaps even overlapping worlds never before seen.

They may spread out, fade away, start to thin or dissolve, but when I see a colour my imagination begins.

Lights dancing on a gentle breeze; a non-linear rainbow sent to please; an arrangement in the darkness perhaps to tease…

They may spread apart far and wide, these spheres of colour with secrets inside.
With dreams of reflection, a chance of hope, and an excursion from the ordinary brought into scope.
The imagination is whatever we want it to be – we just need to be open, to be open to see.