Month: Aug 2017

Stellar Folk

just before the sun goes down

the hidden folk start to play

they dance around like flashing stars

in celebration of the end of day

they dance and sing in glee with joy

in anticipation for what comes their way

they love the time of the fading light

and with gratitude they hide away

silence calls just one more time

then the stellar folk fly away

ATC: Selkie

My fourth ATC in my Mythical Beings and Imaginary Friends series is a lot more friendlier than the kraken in the last one. She also dwells in the sea, but can also live on land if she desires.

Over time, she has become confused and mixed in with the mermaid, but she is a different creature entirely.

In the sea, she has the form and attributes of a seal, and takes human form when she’s on land by removing her seal coat. Selkies like to dance by the light of the Silvery Moon and really are gentle folk. Selkie men are devilishly handsome in human form, selkie women simply beautiful. They have been known to marry humans, but must always at some point return to the sea. A human who steals the selkie’s coat can claim her as his own, and she must remain with him until she gets her coat back. When she returns to the sea, she can not return to see her husband for seven years, but usually they never return – although if she bore children, she would occasionally play with her children in the sea.

They are really at home and happy in the sea, however.

My ATC depicts a selkie leaping from the waves, mid-transformation and letting her golden hair down before she even gets on land to remove her coat and stretch her legs. Created once again using pastels, gel pens and metallic markers, the colours on this ATC are quite subtle. I tried to take the best photo I could, but most had a little glare.


Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is ‘Colourful’. I’ve photographed the colourful Seedlings quite a lot recently, so I shall give them a rest this weekend, and instead focus on my colourful crystal collection. I couldn’t decide on one photo for this week, usually can’t being honest, so I’ve selected a few. A good scattering of colour for a cheerful Sunday!

The first image – well, most of them, actually! – features my crystals, candles, coins, Angel and a couple of Angel Feathers rather spaced out a little.

The second is a view from above. Randomly arranged within a ring of ribbons (different colours, of course!)

A slightly different angle for photo number three.

I’ve gathered everything together for the fourth photo, took away the feathers and brought in my Clear Quartz Pendulum.

I like how something colourless still brings in its own version of colour.

Have I ever mentioned that I like colour? I love colour.

Subtle or bold, it doesn’t matter.

And even the perceived colours in a black and white photograph are fascinating as well.

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