Day: July 17, 2017

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The Green Man

After posting the Carved Man the other day, and then the Little Green Man, I thought I would have a go at painting my version of the actual Green Man. More of a caricature than the actual Green Man, as things turned out, but it still passed one and a half hours nicely.

I did like the way how the eyes looked in the fading light (actually, I paint by one of those daylight bulbs, so it wasn’t fading at all), but when I see them in close-up I can see that further work is needed. Ah well. It’s a quick watercolour; a splodging of yellow here and a splattering of green there. In that case, I’m happy with the results.

You may wonder what happened to his smile. Well, plants don’t have teeth, do they? So I tried to make his mouth look solid inside.

I suppose given more time, I could finish these paintings off properly, but for now, I’m happy to leave them where I leave them.