Day: July 16, 2017

Turbulence and Light

Today’s painting for #WorldWatercolorMonth is a colourful painting of water. And a lighthouse in a storm.

I’ve also had a little fun with the lighthouse theme, as just before posting this I wrote the previous Wordle post, based again on a lighthouse. Well, why not?

There were some challenges with this painting, which, I’ve decided, is unfinished and still needs work doing to it.

The turbulent sea threw up a challenge in itself. Several, actually. The colour for one. How to make the water look choppy for another. And the mist from the waves as they crashed onto the rocks. Oh, and I decided to throw in some lightning as well.

The sky was equally challenging, but I got around that by having the lighthouse send its warning light out to see, should there be any seafarers out there, not realising how close to land they were.

I’m not sure about the mist – I may have missed (hehehe!) the mark with that one, but I quite like the effect I conjured up for the waves crashing onto the rocks. There could still be some work to do there as well, I feel.

And the lighthouse itself. There should be a door at the bottom, a double door, actually, which really does need finishing off. Although I’m quite happy with the battered effect the lighthouse has.

I like the overall feel to the painting, however, even if I do say so myself, and even in its unfinished state. I seem to have developed a choppy painting style as well, unless it’s the brush I’ve taken to using. You know the old saying about a good workman…

This is my last post for today. I’m all posted out now.


Wordle: Lighthouse

Brutally painted cream and white
Sure to be seen on any night
Reflective walls and lamp so bright
To face a storm, but a welcome sight.
Waves crash with their attacks and flees
Amid constant scorn and destructive needs
Churning water flows and bleeds
In poetic rhythm masked deadly deeds.
Skin saved once more amid treacherous plight
No new digs today as succeeds the light.



Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday, over on Travel With Intent, this week is ‘Old’.

I instantly thought of my vast old coin collection, which is photographed below:

I do have more coins in my collection, although it isn’t as vast as I made out. These are the oldest coins I have, which, all things considered, aren’t really that old at all. The photo I’m using for this week’s entry is the first one, which I’ve attempted to make look a little older using my Photoshop Elements program. I used the penny featuring King Edward VII, which is in the top left of these two photos of four coins.

It dates from 1903, which is 114 years ago.

I love links to the past, and always wonder the things these coins have come across or witnessed over the years. I think the same with old buildings and trees, and like to imagine them somehow recording events as and when they happen, so that we can un-tap their secrets with some future technology. I’ll be here in another life then, and hopefully will be at the forefront of this cutting edge technological research. I’d like to say we’ll see, but we won’t. We won’t know. Not now, but we may know more about our past lives then. Probably.

It’s funny, time. Isn’t it?

I’m always complaining I don’t have enough of it, objects from the past make me think of the future, as well as events of the past… so thinking about it, I really do have all the time in the world. I just have to think differently about it.

Incidentally, lighthouses seem to be featuring prominently this weekend, I featured one in my painting yesterday, there’s one on the reverse (or tails) side of the 1939 penny (this was actually introduced on the 1937 penny, but has been featured on earlier Queen Victoria pennies as well), and another lighthouse will be featured in the painting I’ll be posting shortly. Obviously, I knew of the two paintings, but not the lighthouse on the coin.

It’s good when things link together.

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