Day: July 12, 2017

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Cheetah! Cheater!

OK. I’ve digitally enhanced the header image. There, I’ve said it. I had to. The eyes didn’t look right otherwise,and they just needed that little bit of an added zing.

The images below are all untouched, as they are on the watercolour paper. This is my next version of an ATC/ACEA, presented for #WorldWatercolorMonth. A baby cheetah, warily watching the outside world. The Sun is setting on our safari now, it seems, and with only three paintings left to be done in this series of nine, I can only wonder which creature we will stumble upon next.

The above photo keeps us up to date with the paintings so far. And, as you can see, the eyes need a little extra work on the cheetah. I always have trouble with eyes.

This second photo is the one I used for the Featured Image, only I didn’t add the little light reflections in the eyes (or colour pop the image, either – I think I prefer them un-colour-popped)

And this final image shows the actual size of all six safari paintings so far (ee – hehehe! A tired old joke now) beside a pen (aptly, a ‘Zebra’ pen!)

Another post for #WorldWatercolorMonth, find more details by clicking the link below: