Day: July 10, 2017

Footprints in the Sand

Professor Graunt of the Healding Institute was the first to spot the rift.

“It’s clearly obvious, the more you look at it!” He said, in his usual over-excited way. “Just look at this remarkable photograph; the unmistakable footprints walking right to left, left foot first. The first two steps, clearly shodden, are those of an older person. The next two are barefoot, and most definitely younger. Look closely and notice the line in the sand that divides the two pairs of footprints.

“The ripples from the tide are clearly visible all over the sand’s surface, but not at the band that intersects vertically across the centre. That band is the rift between time and space. That band is proof, PROOF I tell you, that time travel is not only possible, it exists and is readily available for anybody wishing to step back in time… but in age though, not history.”

This post is in response to a writing challenge by Frank (from A Frank Angle). The badge above will take you to Frank’s site, where other contributors are also linking. The challenge is to write a piece of flash fiction of no more than 150 words. I used each and every one of them… a slight variation on embracing the Inner Child, perhaps?

On a side note, this post is my two thousand two hundred and twenty second post here on WordPress. 2222! Yet another milestone reached! 

Not Quite Julie Newmar

To be honest, it isn’t Julie Newmar at all. It’s another person at that Comic Book Convention we went to a few days ago, where we met Batgirl. This time, we have Catwoman to contend with. Catwoman from the 1960s. I’m loving these trips to the Sixties. I wonder if we’ll find anybody else there? Only time will tell.

Another post for #WorldWatercolorMonth.