Day: July 5, 2017

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Oh, Beehive!

I really must work on these blog titles.

This below (and above if the featured image is appearing twice!) is the scene that greeted me earlier today, as I drove for lunch.

Well, this is an artist’s impression of the scene. The road was a little busier, traffic wise… and the road was a little more urban – in fact it was running through a town centre. There were traffic jams and pedestrian crossings with people using them, traffic illegally stopping in yellow box junctions (oh yes, they’ve been caught on the CCTV!)

Looking at the picture, if you can imagine that to be a major road junction just ahead, and there are five lanes full of traffic. The traffic lights are holding us up, as we are driving forwards, because they are on red. I’m in the fifth lane, so the one on the right, and there are therefore four more lanes to my left. On my right, is a reservation, and then two more lanes of traffic heading out of town.

In amongst all of this regular madness, somebody had accidentally, on purpose, or accidentally on purpose, disturbed an extremely large wasps’ nest. There were millions of them swirling hither thither and every whither between and betwixt themselves, the pedestrians, and us sitting in our steaming hot cars waiting to move forward. Several wasps landed on my windscreen (which is what made me realise the smoke-like cloud ahead was actually a swarm of wasps, and promptly close my window making the steaming hotness just a tad more hot).

Eventually, the traffic lights changed to green, and we could move forwards.

Eventually, we cleared the wasp cloud.

Eventually, the remaining wasps that had decided to hitch a ride on my car had dispersed.

And eventually, I was able to open my window, and breathe… and allow in the hot air from outside.

It was a surreal moment. Surrounded by a cloud of wasps. That doesn’t normally happen on a Wednesday.

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Curious Kitty

Another in my series of versions of ACTs/ACEOs in watercolour from an imaginary jaunt around Safariland. Today, we come across a lion cub.

More rough than ready, and hardly anywhere near as cute as it should be – it needs further work doing to the eyes – this little cub is still curious as to what or who is looking back at it.  It won’t run away, though. It’s too warm to run away. All of the babies we are coming across on this safari are resting. Resting gives us just that extra little bit of time (although still no time to finish the eyes, though. Sigh!)

It’s all practice, though. And fun.