Day: July 4, 2017

USA Today

Not a very imaginative title, I know, but I just wanted to send a quick ‘Hi!’ to all of my visitors from the United States, and wish you a Happy Independence Day. As I did for Canada’s 150th anniversary on Saturday, I wanted to create something special. I created (painted) a cake for Canada, so today I’m scattering stars for the States. It did start off as a cake, but none of the candles would fit, so it has ended up as something colorful ( <—see what I did there? Winking smile ) with stars and stripes.

From me, here, ‘across the pond’  in Britain, have a great day!


Now, I’m not one for dressing up. But if I were, I’d love to go to one of those Comic Book Conventions where folk go dressed as their favourite superhero (or comic book character). I’ve always been a superhero fan, my Inner Geek makes sure that I never forget that fact. Not that it’s geeky to like superheroes, by any stretch of the imagination.

So, as I pondered over what to paint for today’s contribution to the #WorldWatercolorMonth, my thoughts went back to classic TV shows. My mind created its own Fantasy Island. A portrait appeared in my mind’s eye of the Munsters… with the Addams Family. And then I thought of Yvonne Craig’s Batgirl from the 1960s.

And my mind was made up. I was to paint yet another face, although one this time covered by a cowl. I had an issue with the nose, and I don’t think it looks particularly like Yvonne Craig, but my portraits of actual people tend not to look like who they are meant to be anyway. I’m getting around this one by saying it is a portrait of someone dressing up as Yvonne Craig dressed as Batgirl.

As well as the nose, I also had an issue with the shiny material. This Batgirl costume had two shines to contend with, the one on the hood and cloak, and the one on the costume. Both different, but I think I get the message across.  I’m also quite surprised how almost central the image is!