Day: July 2, 2017

Wordle: Hellraisers

Expect the unexpected
They said
From the Village of the Damned
Strangers from a tribe
Living on the outer edges of reason
Spitting venom after swallowing pride
Throwing stones in glass houses
Yet riding on the crest of a wave
They still quake and quiver
They think they own the world
But dwell in holes beneath it
Not quite


Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is ‘Inclined’. My first inclination was to post a photograph of a path on a hill or something, but then I thought it was a little too straightforward for my normally random interpretation of the themes. So, stumped, I turned to the dictionary to see if that could give another meaning, and provide some divine inclination. A little joke there.

One of the definitions was ‘the angle at which a straight line or plane is inclined to another’, and another ‘the act of inclining the body or head’, so I’ve gone for these two definitions.

Whilst out in the Grinds yesterday, I came across this chap, and took a few photos. Now, I’m aware that a lot of folk are inclined to shudder at the sight of snails or slugs (I do myself with slugs, I’ll admit), so apologies if these photos affect you in that way, but snails are still part of this wonderful world that we live in, and deserve the odd photograph every now and again.

And in the photos, you can clearly see the incline of the head and body, and shell, and also the angle at some of the straight lines that curl themselves around the shell.

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Giraffe: On Safari

This year, after being inspired to do so by Cobs herself (She of the Cobweborium Emporium), I’m attempting to create some versions of ACTs/ACEOs in watercolour. As a brief explanation, ACEOs are Art Cards, Editions, and Originals and ATCs are Artist Trading Cards; with the intention of one (ACEOs) to be sold, and the other (ATCs) to be traded. Now, neither selling nor giving them away is my intention, hence I’m only creating versions of them, not actual ATCs/ACEOs. Oh, and I forgot to mention, there’s a size limit. As the name ‘Trading Card’ may imply, these little works of art have to be exactly 2.5inches by 3.5inches. So, not much room for work. Not much room for error either, for that matter!

I’m also going on safari. So fari, so goody! Hehehe!

I haven’t painted in watercolour for a while, so I’m a little rusty, and painting on something not much larger than a postage stamp also has its challenges (ooh, me back!) but I had fun with this first one. A baby giraffe, resting on a hot sunny afternoon. It could be a Saturday, but no, as it’s Sunday here, it’s Sunday there as well. Wherever there is!

So, first of all, here’s the painting beside a fifty pence piece, just so you get a feel for the size:

And now, a closer look at the painting:

There isn’t a great deal of detail, just enough to make out the giraffe shape. And a good old sploshing of watercolour around!

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