Day: July 1, 2017

A Busy Blogging Time Of Year

Hopefully, I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew. The month of July is now a busy blogging month for me, as I plan to paint a watercolour picture every day, plus try to keep up with my normal blogging as well. And with time being of the essence, we shall see where that goes! As it is now #WorldWatercolorMonth, I thought I’d post some of the paintings I did last year. I had fun. Some of the paintings are a bit wacky, but some, I feel, are OK.

And as it is also the first of the month:

White Rabbits everyone, and Happy July!

This is my contribution to this week’s Six Word Saturday. Visit Debbie’s blog for more contributions.


Happy Birthday, Canada!

What a way to begin July! A celebration! A cake! A new word! A watercolour painting! And why not?

OK, Canada is 150 years old this year. It’s Sesquicentennial, for want of a better term. And I’ve decided for my first watercolour for #WorldWatercolorMonth, to create a cake. A red and white cake, based on the Canadian flag, outlined in silver and gold, with a huge 150 as the cherry on top. My cake’s rather lop-sided, but even that is better than one that I could have attempted to bake for real. I’m a terrible cook. You should see the bread I bake… and that is done in a breadmaker! Anyway, I digress.

For Canada Day, July 1st, today, I celebrate Canada!

And of course, the start of a month of watercolour painting!