Day: June 16, 2017

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Letters to the Universe… The One Minute It’s Hot Edition!

Dear Blogland,
Firstly, let me apologise for posting another post today. Hold on a minute! Apologise? NO! I love blogging, so it stands to reason an extra post may pop in every now and then! Obviously, I had to finish my little four-parter, which left me with two options for this post… either miss a week for the letters, or post it anyway. I chose the latter option. I hope you don’t mind.

Dear Hay Fever,
How fabulous it is to have you back! I love sneezing like I’ve never sneezed before, and with your constant nose and throat tickling you are giving me ample opportunity to do so! At least you are leaving my eyes alone for now. Time to crank up the antihistamines methinks.

Dear Gooselets All In A Row,
You water critters are having a fabulous time on the Lake this year, aren’t you? I smiled, nay beamed, when I saw you swimming in a line on the water’s surface earlier today. I may have to post a photo of you at the end of this post!

Dear White Powder,
How odd that you stayed on the road’s surface (where you had either been spilled or tipped) this morning as I parked my car, in that more than gentle breeze; yet when I returned to the car there were many particles of you all over the side of my car. Luckily you didn’t stay there too long – it’s not the weather for washing the car.

Dear Self,
How many excuses can you make for not washing your car? Powder on the road? Whatever next?

Dear Weather,
You’re teasing us all, aren’t you? One minute, it’s bright and warm (HOT!), and the next cloudy and dark as if thunder or a storm is on the way… and then you whip up a strong breeze, clear the clouds and bring out the HOT sunshine again. I don’t know whether to water the seedlings or not with your will you or won’t you rain shenanigans… so I do it anyway, and then you rain. Anyway.

Dear Dillop (Inconsiderate Road User),
I noticed you earlier, revving your engine and driving at speed up close behind me, trying to push me along. I hope you noticed that I slowed down so you could get even closer. I loved how, when the road was wide enough, you sped passed me and almost drove into the back of the other car. Learn a little patience… you’ll get to places feeling a lot better.

Dear Chili Con Carne,
My, you were hot! PHEW! Delicious, mind, so I’m not complainin’!

Dear Computer,
I wish that you, my anti-virus and internet protection software, and the WordPress API would all work smoothly together all of the time. The message ‘The Page Has Been Reset’ is getting rather tedious now. A quick restart resolves the issue, until you start playing games again. Restarting takes me away from valuable computer time (for computer, read BLOGGING) and I’m sure I could get far more done if you were accessible when I need to use you.

Dear Ankles,
I’ve just noticed how you are reacting to the heat. I don’t know why you need putting up after I’ve spent most of the day sitting down already, but I’m not going to complain. I like a good rest!

And to finish… Dear All,
Here’s hoping you are inspired to try that one thing you’ve always wanted to try, but never got around to it. Have fun! You may even like it!

Thank you for reading!

P.S. I said I would do it, so here are the gooselets, just because:

Well, they all looked so cool all in a row like that!

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From Then to Now

…Or International Man of Mystery Part IV

In a matter of days, actual years have passed
It’s fitting we make the good memories last…

It was events such as the rainbow and the spell that show me that the Universe is there/here to help us by giving us what we want – or think we want. We send out a vibe into the cosmos, and the cosmos gives back to us what we’ve vibed. I’ve noticed it many times over the years.

When I was younger, and heading to the shop with my pocket money to buy the latest to be released comic books, I thought I could have done with a little extra money so I could buy more. Walking down the road, on the pavement in front of me, scattered around was a various array of coins, with nobody around that owned them. I scooped them up and was able to buy all the comic books I wanted.

When I was in hospital having my ear operation, I hated it. On one of the nights, a nurse sat with me and read a story to me until I went to sleep. She had a slight speech impediment, although at the time I didn’t know how to explain this. The nurse didn’t tell me her name, so when I asked about her with the other nurses, I could only describe how she spoke by saying ‘she said de, dis and dat, instead of the, this and that’. None of the nurses knew who I was talking about.

On the day of leaving hospital, this nurse was stood in the doorway as I left. Again nobody seemed to acknowledge she was there. She smiled as I walked by, so I waved and went on my way home.

It’s only recently that I’ve started thinking that what if this nurse was some kind of angel, calming me down as I was so fraught in that hospital. I never saw her with any of the other children, reading to them. I also thought when would a nurse have time to sit and read to a patient, but I suppose that could be possible with a nervous child. The fact that nobody on the hospital ward seemed to know her was a puzzle.

But that was then, and here we are now in the now.

I’m still in the job that was shown to me by the rainbow. I feel I’m not well liked there, but I get on the best I can with the others who work there. I can’t stand meetings, I’m such a waste of space in them it’s untrue. I do try, but I just get spoken over, so now I just go in and sit and wait until its over. I answer questions when asked and that’s it. Any suggestions I make are ignored, and I’ve recently experienced a work colleague starting snapping at me for no reason. I complained about this behaviour and it seems to have stopped. For now.

I don’t like confrontation of any kind, and have a slightly higher than normal distrust of other people. I think everyone has an agenda, so instantly my personal barrier goes up. Friends I make tend to drift away eventually, but we all have our lives to lead.

However I see people, it doesn’t mean that I wish them ill. I like to see people succeed, and cheer them on when I can. I love creative, enthusiastic folk who make me Feel Good when they’re Feeling Good. I always try to spread good cheer around, even if suffocating in the toxic smog beneath a dark and foreboding cloud. Hey ho!

And then we have blogging. My escape. My writing whisks me away to magical places, the Mansion, the Lake, the Grinds, or just takes me out of myself. I enjoy the camaraderie I feel with other bloggers whether they comment here on my blog, or I comment on theirs. I do comment. Well, I used to… and I will again!

It’s all about Feeling Good.

We may be going through some rough stuff, but there’s lots of good stuff in the mix as well, and that is the important bit to concentrate on. Focus on the good. Shine the light.

Thank you for reading. My name isn’t Tom Merriman, but it is Tom. The shy, socially awkward international man of mystery due to reaching the four corners of a round world through the medium of blog – maybe a little less mysterious now, maybe a little more so – but I am human, I have feelings, and I REALLY enjoy life, magic, warts and all.

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Please be advised that my now regular Letters to the Universe post will still appear as normal later today.