Month: June 2017

Letters to the Universe… The Prelude To Watercolour Edition!

Dear Time,
July? Already? It still feels like January, if you don’t mind me saying. A very warm January, nevertheless, but that should give you a clue as to how fast you are passing. Would you mind slowing down just a little so I can at least pretend to be keeping up?

Dear Sleep,
I am pleased that you are now back to continuing through 3:30am, but could I ask that you also continue through 4:15am as well. I know it’s only been in the past two weeks that you have been slightly disturbed, but with the alarm set to go off at 5:15am it makes the last little bit of sleep tricky. And getting up even more so!

Dear Mother And Child,
So nice to see you around the Lake earlier today. I wasn’t ready with my camera, but I managed to get a couple of nice photos of you all the same. And child, you’re growing very quickly now, aren’t you?

Dear Ten Points,
Thank you isn’t really in order here, but I’ll accept you anyway for getting floccinaurtihilipilification into a sentence.

Dear The Word Floccinaucinihilipilification,
Yes, I understand this is the correct spelling, and not the one used in the previous letter, but the previous letter was written from memory and at great speed, might I add. And yes, I will accept an extra ten points for getting the word in twice!

Dear July,
I’ve mentioned you already in these letters, but must do so again. This time, however, it is to let you know that I’m ready once again for World Watercolour Month, and will be doing my utmost to get a watercolour painting posted every day. I’m not promising every day, but I’m promising to try. And watercolour painting is fun, even though I’m more than a little rusty at it!

Dear World,
Are you ready for Watercolour Month? It runs all through July. It’s fun! Get painting!!!

Dear Time,
You’re still doing it, aren’t you? Running away with me swirling and whirling around here in the midst of your deposited turbulence. It’s like I’m practicing a new dance routine, whilst sitting down, and in my head! You’d better allow me time to watercolour in July, by Jiminy!

Dear Microsoft Word,
I noticed the other day that you have a ‘New Blog Post’ feature when selecting a new document. I hadn’t noticed this before, and when I get the time (looks to one side and whistles nonchalantly), I will check you out and have a go at posting through you. I like trying new bloggy things.

Dear Blogland,
I’m falling behind with my visits and commenting / replying again. I’m rubbish, I know. I will catch up. I know I keep saying it, but I will. Trust me. I’ve had a word with time, so I think things have been sorted there. We shall see.

And to finish… Dear All,
Another thing I always say is try to keep Feeling Good. That way, it doesn’t matter what is going on around you – you can handle it so much better the better you feel. And Feeling Good is a good place to start. And Feeling Good Feels Good, so it’s Good. Feel it?

Thank you for reading!

P.S. Here are a couple of photos I took at the Lake earlier, just because:


Well, Mother and Child simply had to be shared with the world!

P.P.S. If you get chance, have a go during World Watercolor Month – I’ve spelled it officially here – further details are available when you follow the links that are dotted throughout this post. They all go to the same place!

The Old Clocktower

The discovery of the missing clock tower after two hundred years, deep beneath the ruins of the old collapsed church, answered two questions in one go. The church building wasn’t strong enough to hold the newer tower, despite the old townsfolk’s arguments to the contrary. And Old Sam, the bell ringer, had planned to make away with the church funds. Unfortunately for Sam, he had the loot, now worthless, in two sacks with him,  as the church caved in, trapping him beneath the large bell, the tower dropped around him, and the crumbling remains of the church covered over everything.

A filler post holding a one hundred word story covering the passing of time, a mysterious disappearance and another use for an old digital painting I did back in the day. This painting originally appeared in one of my Hallowe’en specials a few years ago, when a Room suddenly appeared in the Grinds. And this little extra paragraph has increased the word count to two hundred words. I’m still classing it as a one hundred word post, however, as this isn’t part of the post proper, and sometimes a little bit of an explanation can go a very long way.

On a Silken Path

A thread of light, a beam, I see,
Colours dancing ahead of me

I pan back for into view
The reason quickly emerges through

Beams go hither, up and down
Reflecting dew from the dampened ground

Apparent it is, straight rainbow it’s not,
For there are threads of silk, and quite a lot!

Tangled, woven, broken, reflecting light
Something was busy overnight

But now the new day has appeared
Can I hear scuttling getting near?

I took a few photos early yesterday of these strange pod things that suddenly appeared – they were quite high and were most definitely not there the day before. It was only when I was checking the photographs afterwards that I noticed the broken cobweb, and all of the silken threads. And then I noticed the prism reflecting off one of the silks. I decided to write a rhyme from the perspective of a little critter, checking things out.

Weird Words of a Wonderful World

Let’s begin at the beginning. Always a good place to start. Let’s see. Ahh…


Pronounced Ah; or Are. A Hawaiian word for a rough and frothy lava flow. The smooth lava flow is called Pahoehoe (pronounced pa-hoey-hoey). You’ll not get your aas mixed up with your pahoehoes from now on, will you? You’d be very argute to use these words in the right place. (Shrewd)

Have you ever come across a blatherskite? I’m sure you have. A person who rambles on without making much sense. Some say I’m a blatherskite, but I tend to waffle on regardless anyway.

I hope my waffling comes across as couthy, which is Scottish for warm and friendly (in relation to a person) or cosy (for a place). Hopefully, you find this blog couthy.

Get this word into a sentence and you can award yourself ten points. Although, the points themselves are worthless, as you’d guess. Floccinaucinihilipilification. Hehehe. I’ll say that again. Floccinaucinihilipilification. Floxin-orsinie-hillypilly-fickayshun. This word has Latin roots, and for some reason is rarely used today. And as you now know it’s the action of estimating something as worthless.

Now, I’m not being personal, but do you have any idea where on your body you’d find a hallux? If you said your face, you’d be wrong. Hands… you’d be getting warmer. Feet, well, you’re positively on fire! It’s a big toe.

In the animal kingdom, you may, on the odd occasion, come across a tigon. Or a liger. A tigon is the hybrid cub of a lion and a tigress, and a liger is that of a male tiger and a lioness.

Does the thought of some words make you go all aquiver? Anticipating with excitement, trembling even, at their very meaning? Me neither, but I like playing with words. Such fun.

And finally, the word to end on this time is madtom. How rude. Oh, that’s the word. Ahem. A madtom is a North American catfish which has poisonous spines.

And on that note, I’ll end things there. Next time I may explore strange numbers of the Universe…

Another Spirit of the Sky

Waaaay back now, in 2015, I published some photos on the blog of the partial Solar Eclipse that occurred that year. The photos in this post were of the Eclipse, but not only of the Eclipse. I highlighted some Sky Spirits that decided to join in for the photo session.

Well today, a couple of years later, I have another Sky Spirit photo to share.

The sky was a gorgeous shade of blue on Sunday afternoon, with quite a mixture of clouds floating overhead and rapidly transforming their shapes. I took a few photos, to use as backgrounds for any forthcoming images I create, when I noticed a face in one of them. I hadn’t noticed it when I was taking the photos, as all I could see were cloud-shaped clouds, but the face is definitely there.

Here’s a closer look at it. No highlighting needed with this photo, I feel!