Day: Jan 31, 2017

Yet Another Milestone Reached!

The final stats-related milestone has now been reached, for the time being, as it stands.

I have now clocked up 25,000 visitors.

Now, I’m not exactly one-hundred per cent sure on the difference between a visitor and a view, but looking at these figures I’m told that each visitor on average has viewed something on my blog 6.1 times. They spent thirty-two minutes on average here, quite possibly forgetting to close their browser down when they left their computer / tablet / mobile phone / laptop / watch / 3D Visor / Smart TV / game console / microwave oven or whatever other piece of equipment they used to call by here*. However long they stayed, I’m still happy they called by! Hi, you one in (now over!) 25,000. I felt nervous addressing five-hundred people once, but what’s 25,000 here in Blogland?

Not that I’m stats orientated, no, not me.

My next target is to have had at least one visit from every single country in the world… whether I’ll achieve this or not remains to be seen, but looking at the World Map of All Time, I don’t really have that many countries left to visit:

* This figure is a complete estimate, and – actually it’s complete fiction. How many folk do you know who use their microwave to read the internet?

So, this is the latest Milestone Post, the previous ones being reaching 2,000 posts and then receiving 150,000 views.

Who knows? The next milestone will be when I have coloured in the entire world…

We shall see!