Day: Jan 26, 2017

Fear Here!

Three of the Four Horsemen have just saddled up, apparently. The other must be running a little late. The gates of Hell are on standby – well, the Gatekeeper of Hell is on standby – to open once the Apocalypse arises. The signs are everywhere. Uncontrollable change is taking place all across the globe. Scientists have announced that burned toast can cause cancer if eaten in gargantuan quantities. We’re in for the Winter of all Winters. Bird Flu is back. We’re two and a half minutes on the Doomsday Clock away from midnight – according to scientists – and then boom. And they’ve created a part-human part-animal embryo so future human organs can be grown in animals. Bit pointless really, if we’ve only two and a half minutes left – even figuratively speaking.

We have walls going up all over the place… and barriers breaking down. Words are being branded about like nobody’s business. The friend of my enemy is my enemy but if my friend is friends with an enemy’s friend who happens to be an enemy of another enemy, then this friend of a friend is a friend, enemy aside.

I’ve just scoped all of the above from a quick glance of a news website. Well, possibly not the Four Horsemen part, but that will appear before long, I’m sure. Fearmongering is rather apparent, don’t you think?

We will cower beneath everything. Hide behind the sofas. Well, we will if we take things at face value. There’s about ninety per cent of these news stories missing, I’d say. I may be wrong – it may be ninety-five per cent.

Scream! Run! Panic!!!

Imagine if everyone did that at the news? At the five per cent we are drip fed over and over? We’d be surrounded by pandemonium.


Nah. That was just a dramatic pause.

There’s nothing going on really. Nothing to fear. Feel Good instead… that said, if Apocalypse does come, at least we’d go out smiling.

Hell on Earth. We aren’t there yet, are we?