Last week, I started my latest watercolour for Charlie’s Doodlewash Dinner – a pepperoni pizza. I’d just gotten the basic outline done in my swanky watercolour pad (that’s the book, by the way, and not the Special Studio I’ve set up in the Mansion to actually do the paintings in!) when all hell broke loose time-wise.

I don’t know what’s going on, one minute it’s 7:30pm, and the next it’s 11:45pm. I mean I’ve only literally blinked and all that time went by! I prefer it the other way, when time just draaaaaaaaaaags itself by – at least then things can be done. Flitting around in hyper-drive is no good to anyone!

Not wanting to miss the boat for this entry, I now present the un-watercoloured watercolour, as I noticed a programme on TV the other day where the great classical artists from years gone by have their pencil sketches on display in museums and art galleries around the world – along with their finished works, of course! Not that I’m anywhere near their league, I hasten to add, but everything begins somewhere!

It’s also Eurovision Song Contest time once again, so Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday this week are fully booked up. The song I was sure was this year’s winner, Iceland, didn’t even make it through the first semi-final on Tuesday. I think that was down to the fact that UK viewers weren’t allowed to vote in that round, we get our chance on Thursday, but that won’t help Iceland now. Sorry, Iceland.

So, haywire time means less time available for blogging at present. You may have noticed that I’ve been rather slow at replying to comments of late, and even slower at visiting your blogs. I hope you’ve noticed that, anyway! Hopefully, next week, things should settle more. I’m keeping my blog ticking along by posting when I can (and scheduling) – I still have my target of 2,000 posts to reach – but just wanted to keep you in the loop, as it were. And equally hopefully, I may get chance to complete my unfinished masterpiece up there and enter it into Charlie’s challenge.

Time will tell. Got to dash now! 

14 thoughts

    1. All is well TL…Remember idle hands are the devil’s hands so you must have angel hands 🙂 Without the color on the painting it allows anyone to imagine what kind of pizza they would love to see or eat. Leaves the door open. Hope you are saving your sketches as very soon they will be worth millions I’d imagine. It’s rare to have art coming out of the mansion and what comes out must have magic involved 🙂 Fame shall haunt you for you will be known all over the world. Enjoy your space while you can…VK 🙂

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  1. Tom I hadn’t watch the Euro Song contest in years.. then on one night in the week I though OK.. I will give it go.. I am afraid I didn’t last much past the fifth song.. And then to top it all the UK couldn’t vote in that heat.. LOL..
    So know how juggling everything goes.. Hope you enjoy your weekend Tom.. Take care.. Sue x

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    1. Thanks, Sue. The Eurovision is most definitely a marmite event. A lot of people I know don’t like it… but me – I Love It! Tonight’s show is now being broadcast in the US and China; and Australia are now taking part. Pretty soon, it’ll become the Worldvision Song Contest! 😉

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