There now follows an EU Referendum Message by my Inner Leader of the Opposition. Hopefully it isn’t as boring as it seems.

Remain in the European Union or Leave it. To be (in) or not to be (in). That is the question which is being asked the length and breadth of the UK at the moment. And everyone, it seems, has an opinion. Well, they do have an opinion, actually, everyone does, and obviously they’re entitled to it. Thankfully, we live in a free world where we can have an opinion.

The President of the United States of America is visiting our shores today. He’s said that if the UK vote to leave the EU, then the UK will go to the back of the queue when it comes to trade deals with the United States. He’s also passed this message on as ‘a friend’. His comments have caused ripples throughout the government, with some expressing their own opinions about the president. Oops. The caps lock seems to have failed. The BBC News website has more details regarding this.

Bear in mind the UK government are making cuts to services left, right and centre. Imposing contracts for NHS (National Health Service) staff which have gone down like a lead balloon, causing strikes galore. and also cutting benefit payments to those most in need. Those not in need have tax cuts, perks, and off-shore accounts that aren’t illegal. Whilst all this is going on, the ‘In’ campaign, the campaign our prime minister favours (who is best buds with the president of the USA, apparently) have spent £9,000,000.00 (NINE MILLION POUNDS) which in today’s money is $12,975,435.00 (US), on sending a pamphlet to every household in the UK outlining the reasons to stay in. I honestly could think of better ways to spend that kind of money – but hey, who am I? I haven’t read my pamphlet. I’m framing it and keeping it in mint condition. If it’s the only one left in a few years it may be worth a lot more than what it cost to produce.

Now, the EU have ideas. Great (clonking) ideas. Our bananas are too straight – too bent – our tomatoes too red – our cucumbers the wrong length – our ducks have the wrong quack – that kind of thing. There’s a court there who have upheld a request from a mass murderer who complained that his prison conditions were an infringement on his human rights. I suppose the human rights of those he slain didn’t get a mention in the hearing. Perhaps I’m being a tad cynical. Everyone deserves a fair chance, no?

The Eurovision Song Contest is coming up soon, and countries from Europe, including Israel and Australia, take part – should they be voted through to the grand final and don’t boycott the event due to political reasons. Not all of these countries are part of the European Union, and they get along just fine. Look at their voting. And they don’t have any help from ‘friends’ from outside. Unless they sing for them.

I am looking forward to it though. The Eurovision, that is. I am looking forward to the end of the referendum, it must be said, in or out. At the end of the day, either way won’t really have any effect on us little people, the morons minions who help to keep the country going. At least when it’s all over, we won’t be told of any more threats to our well-being if we stay or if we go.

We’ll lose jobs. We’ll be open to terrorism. We’ll go to the back of the queue. Whatever. We aren’t there yet.

World, don’t underestimate the Great British Public. We’re a mighty fine bunch of people who have stiff upper lips and exquisite humour. We’ve voted to name a multi-million pound research vessel Boaty McBoatface, so honestly, anything could happen. However, we appreciate your opinion.

That was an EU Referendum Message by my Inner Leader of the Opposition.

I’m not politically minded, motivated or interested, if truth be told. However, recent events have triggered something within me (my Inner Leader of the Opposition, actually – he does stir from time to time) and I had to get something out otherwise explode. And I don’t want to be doing that now, I’ve just had my haircut.


  1. Gawd, I just read about the Obama-Johnson debacle. Clearly both have opinions, and have a right to them but it’s a shame our embarrassment of a political season is starting to affect even you proper Brits. Crikey. Time to take your toys kids, and go home. They all need a nap.

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  2. As I said on Lou’s blog: Politicians are like nappies and need to be changed often for the same reason!

    May 5th we get to choose councillors (we have two good ones I know well who do a sterling job) and maybe give the Tories a bloody nose – well I can dream!!! 🙂

    Meanwhile we have that Fucker Cameron screwing the majority to keep the support of the minority who keep him in power.

    Roll on proportional representation!!! 🙂

    God Bless!!! 🙂


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