moon phaseI have a feeling that there is a Full Moon due. Don’t ask me why, but I have a feeling. Maybe it has something to do with this graphic that seems to pop up every now and then.

Maybe it has something to do with the many news stories and reports that I keep on hearing about a Supermoon.

Or maybe it’s because I actually know that there is one due on Saturday. I have a ‘connection’ with the Moon.

Anyway, the Moon has nothing to do with this post whatsoever! I just decided to write about it, so I could start with something a little different.

And keeping along the same lines of things being different (did you see what I did there?) this post is a kind of ‘teaser’ for things to come. A prequel, if you like.

I’m setting myself another blogging challenge-within-a-challenge, really to help me with my Postaday challenge, and not dissimilar to my AA, BB, CC (etcetera) challenge at the beginning of the year. Only not as long (and probably not as difficult either).

I will be writing my daily wafflings as usual. I always try to write about a different topic in my next post, unless I am writing about my thoughts in a special mini-series of posts, like my Valentine’s run in February. Sometimes, the thread will run between consecutive posts, but this is usually to add an update or something I had forgotten to mention the day before. I tend to forget a lot.

What will make this challenge slightly different is that I will start my post with the final sentence of the post I had written the day before. So, if I had started this challenge today, my first line would have been “That doesn’t sound like a loser speaking to me…”. And, as you can see, I haven’t started with that, so my challenge has not yet begun!

Not only that, each post will contain a colour, a fruit or vegetable, a town, city or country, a famous person or two, a mythical, mysterious or other creature, an absolutely random word that will have no meaning or bearing on the post at all, a number, and something new. The ‘something new’ may be tricky as I tend to write about a lot of the same stuff.

Well, it wouldn’t be a challenge if it was easy, would it?

So, I am apologising in advance if you should find that my posts don’t make any sense whatsoever. If they already make no sense then it will be business as usual… glad to have you along! However, I will try to keep them sensible. Well, you know what I mean…

I’m going to end this post here for today. The animals outside are sounding a little restless. I’ll need to go out into the Mansion’s grounds and check that they are OK. There seems to be something different out there. I’ve just heard what sounded like a wolf’s howl.

9 thoughts

  1. aha Sir Aquatom … lets see what this new challenge brings to light … (moonlight?) … and I like mythical (though when I say it out loud it makes me feel as if I have a small speech impediment, ‘th’s wise..) … can’t we say mystical instead? Ok…!! That’s me sorted … Um? you ok too? the Wolves outside didn’t nibble/gnash at all? That’s good, catch up later gotta rush, there’s a Border Collie needs exercising, and she nibbles and gnashes like crazy if she’s kept waiting… 😉 xPenx


    1. I was debating between mythical and mystical, but they all come under the ‘other creature’ umbrella anyway.

      The wolves had gone when I got there, Pen. I think they were watching though… watching and waiting…

      And yes, don’t keep her waiting long… exercise is important!


  2. I look forward to this new challenge you’ve taken on with interest. What’s all this about a supermoon anyway?


    1. I hope it works out OK, Trevor, it’s really just a way to give me something else to think about when I’m writing… it’s a little different anyway!

      Oh, and it’s funny you ask about a Supermoon.. 🙂


  3. oh fun challenge – looking forward to reading the results.

    saw the supermoon last night – after a quick look got really concerned about superwerewolves ‘cuz no one actually addressed this in an acceptable manner and went back inside.


  4. i’m a bit behind.. only read this post today! That moon was beautiful, wasn’t it.
    Anyway I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out. A very strange challenge, but fun to see you doing it!


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