This is just a random post today, to see what thoughts come to me as I’m typing. I still have a couple of my ‘reserve posts’ waiting to be put on here, but I don’t feel the time is right for them to be used yet. Maybe the time wasn’t right for some of the others that I have recently posted, as they may seem a little out of sync with the other posts, but as I’m not posting in any particular time order, I don’t think it matters too much. I think really it is just a case of going with the flow.

Flowing wouldn’t be a word I would use to naturally describe the order of this blog, but there is an order in here somewhere, and eventually all of the posts will link into each other in some shape or other. And there’s me, who is in the middle of it. I’ve just thought of the blog as a kind of mind map, or more of a life map, of my life. I’m in the centre, and everything else that I’ve experienced / am experiencing / will experience  is linked to me and surrounding me, and they in turn are branching out into other areas, and linking between themselves in a random fashion. And that is where the flowing comes in, a natural progression outward and inward of my thoughts and events, and everything is linked to me.  Well, I am at the centre of my universe, so that’s logical.

So thinking of things at the centre of the universe and looking out really puts things into perspective. I mean, the universe is quite big, isn’t it? When you try to imagine just how big it is, it makes you feel really small. Well, it does me, anyway. Now if I’m really small, all of the ‘problems’ I perceive I am having must be even smaller than me, as they are only a part of my life. So, surely, handing over whatever problem I am experiencing to the universe must ‘dissolve’ it somewhat, water it down. Weaken it. And in the process of handing over my problem, letting it go, I am releasing myself of the issues surrounding it. Allowing myself more time to concentrate on the things that I like and want. It’s a great universe that I live in!

Now, coming back to me, being at the centre of the universe sounds like it should be a big burden. Everything swirling around in every direction all around me, not only in my physical realm, but also before and after me, and in the other dimensions that I visit (for example when I visit the dream dimension when I sleep – or when I daydream for that matter). There are things going on that far away, that I can’t possibly even begin to think what they may be. But everything has an effect on everything else, so no matter how slight the impact of this distant event has on my life, it still has an impact. Even with all this going on, it is only a burden if I let it be. It’s how I feel about the situation, how I react, how I handle it right now, that is important. There’s a phrase that some people use, “It looks as though you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders”, and this sums up how not being in the present moment, but being elsewhere, dwelling on whatever ‘problem’ can weigh you down. The world is a big place, but it isn’t that big compared to the universe. Hand over your excess baggage to the universe, and concentrate on feeling good right now.

Being in that feel good place will bring in ideas, events, solutions, people, anything you need to help you to continue feeling good. Your problems may not disappear over night, but they can if you get yourself to the right ‘level’ in your feel good place. You may see an advertisement for something that you need to resolve your problem. You may meet a complete stranger who will give you an idea that you know will work for you. You may have a dream which will give you inspiration to try something a different way. You may read an article that will open your eyes to a different way of looking at things.

Feeling good means that you are open to receive whatever messages you may need from the universe, rather than being closed and focussed solely on whatever is causing a problem to you.

Being at the centre of the universe is an ideal place for all of this good to come to us. Being slap bang in the middle of everything, and everything is literally within our reach. Even that far distant galaxy over there.

6 thoughts

  1. I’m convinced there’s no such thing as a coincidence:

    This is just a random post today, to see what thoughts come to me…

    Quite appropriate, then, that I visited this post today via a ?random link 🙂

    … being at the centre of the universe…

    Spooky. I’ve just been listening to the part of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (radio show) in which Zaphod Beeblebrox enters the Total Perspective Vortex…

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    1. Right place, right time is an apt description for coincidence, Pendantry… although I’m not sure how random the random links are – this post seems to get quite a few views, according to the stats!
      I’m sure I’ve seen the Hitchhiker’s Guide, but anything I hear of it doesn’t ring any bells with me. I think I’ll have to check things out there…

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        1. I know for definite I haven’t heard the radio show. I also haven’t seen the movie; I’m sure there was a TV series back in the Middle Ages. Unless I dreamt that and haven’t seen it at all… 🤔

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          1. No, there was a BBC TV series (as you say, back in the Middle Ages). It was very faithful to the radio show, as far as it went (but if memory serves — it often doesn’t — it didn’t cover the entire series).

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